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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Climate Change: The Science (Part 2 of 3)

Double Hockey Sticks or Moving Toward The Goal
In Every Moment
There is Change

Some Climate
Some Evolutionary
Maybe just a little
Climate Science is not simple...
The science does show
Climate Change is inevitable...

 NASA Earth Science is taking continuous satellite data
and there are all kinds of climate research here on Earth
 being conducted by eminent scientists
 all over the world and from all over the world.

The conclusion reached by the vast consensus
 is clear and simple enough for a simpleton.
It's getting hotter... fast. We are doing it.

Climate Science like most studies of nature
are about dynamic, interacting, complex systems.
Fortunately, you don't need to know all of them,
but you should at least know about them.

The science facts are there to see if you want
 and even a little education about this is important.
Make the effort to learn some science...
It may save more than just one life.
Climate isn't just about whether you should bring an umbrella or shades.
It affects everything about the way (or if) we live.

In life change occurs through many interactions, on many levels. It can happen by mutation, epigenetics, selection, competition, predation and these are just some of many factors in the global ecology. The changing environment provides plenty of opportunity for it. For humans, this would include the human economy, information, technologies and the waste products of industry and consumption.The chief ecological factor among these interactions and processes is the environment.

Nature has systems that work together. The carbon system like other ecological systems is a dynamic one and cycles at varying rates. On earth it is and has been for a long time, intermingling and cycling from ground to air to plants, animals and you, in a concert of fluid, continuous systems. Just the shear number of us adds exponentially, as time goes on, to the amount of strain on the equilibrium of the global system.
NASA | Plant Productivity in a Warming World

When the deniers vindicate the science of warming and our contribution to it, it's time the undecided, decide.

More than likely, it may get worse for us before it gets better. We are starting to realize a little late in the process. The effects of climate change are going to be, in some cases, very dramatic. In both the global weather systems and in people's thinking and ways of life real changes are happening and will  inevitably continue to happen.  Large and small these changes are all going to be here for a quite while no matter what the cause or even what we do now. But large or small our activities have an impact. Better get used to that idea...because it's true. There are 7 billion of us now and counting. Our effects on Earth are cumulative.

We came out of the Earth and are part of a greater system than ourselves. With an ever growing population that will have more "carbon" demands, we will still struggle even if we radically go Green and reduce emissions from our energy sources...change our consumption and production...change our economies and ways of life. And it is certain we will have to change all that, even without climate change. Led by changes in our environment and the weather...We will have to change to survive into the future...just as our ancestrs did in the past. but as mentioned, we are late in responding... The best time to start was yesterday.

Take away only 2 points from this post:
The total amount of change and the rate of change are the issues here.
Regardless of the cause and if there is climate change or not ...There is still time and reason for us to change. 
It's Not Panic. It's Realistic.
We must take care and remember that we are the last species in our lineage, the last tip of our branch on the tree... and so we are vulnerable. We may not be able to control all the changes in life...but we still have a responsibility to cope with and to manage them as best we can. If we are going to improve our chances of making it through these climatic changes we must stop adding to the problem. As well, we must be innovative, working on making many other things in our world more livable for all of us in the long run. That's how to avoid extinction. Doing nothing does not leave the greatest legacy, does it? Just remember, it's still very important to make even small changes in our behavior now, in order to stem future disasters for us, our children and our species.

Yet we are smart enough,
We can DO SOMETHING about this.
Starting now.
First, You Should BE AWARE of What The Problem Is
Then, If You Care ...Maybe We Can Repair

A global awareness of the need will make it easier
help find the innovative solutions humans will depend on to go into the future.

The way of the Tao is the way of change
We Will Change...It Is Our Way...And Inevitable

Next: Part 3  Climate Change & The Future
Our global family has a lot of spring cleaning to do.

© 2012 MU-Peter Shimon

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