"Zen teaches nothing; it merely enables us to wake up and become aware. It does not teach, it points." ~D.T. Suzuki

Monday, April 2, 2012

The 1st Niche: Time and Space

Or Orientation for a 21st Century Democratically Connected Mind

Chapter One
A Disruptive Guide
To The New Environment of
Digital Darwinism in the World

Orientation for a 21st Century
Democratically Connected Mind

"What time is it?
 No time to look back"

The double helix of DNA is a natural technology. It is a blueprint that encodes bits of data, information about relationships.The structure as a backbone is important, but it's also the content they both matter. As said by Marshall McLuhan, if the medium is the message then the content is the audience. ("McLuhan is known for coining the expressions "the medium is the message" and "the global village" and predicted the World Wide Web almost thirty years before it was invented" Wikipedia) As far as DNA as the media and the message, RNA pretty much does the same thing and throws in translations too. But we are the content. Unicellular life, but multi-cellular life especially, has much material and organization to administer for metabolism and animation in the world. It also interfaces and is influenced by the space it is in and the things in that space. Changing, along with its environment. They operate as structures, the message that acts as catalyst for the transmission of and realization of the content. 

Social media are also like an enzymatic catalyst.  The real deal is the communication between people and their relationships. Innovation is about both the technological and the human connections. It's the dynamics of those relationships that are my focus. Since most people just stare at the finger and not at the moon...what more can be done to promote awareness? How can I help move things toward the good? In the argument of nurture vs nature, I say both because they interface and therefore can interact. In the argument of quantity vs quality, I say I want both. More, better everything of true value. People and the world we live in. There is a danger that each life is cheapened by shear numbers. How do we cope with the all the data at such a pace of time without becoming confused, desensitized, or just plain mad?
Not only has the Internet changed technology. It is changing people, ideas, theories, arts, science, business, the way we live... who and what we are.These changes come from the communion of communication.
What are we really saying to each other? What information do we absorb? And what do we do with it?

What are some of humankinds' best and most successful adaptations? Self-awareness. Empathy.
 A flexible, fluid mind and an open heart. Curious creatures, with the ability to learn, think
and the ability to use 2 powerful words to act on, experiment with and generate change...
"What If..."

Remember, we were not born into the universe, we were born out of it, like the bubbles of foam on an ocean wave. We will have our time but then return to the ocean of our origins. What legacy do we wish to leave behind? Can we use our evolutionary nature to create a time and space to continue producing rational motivation by our imaginative playfulness and actionable ideas for living with change toward the good?

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© 2012 MU-Peter Shimon

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