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Friday, April 20, 2012

Amazing & Beautiful

Stop The Presses!
15 Years ago I had a dream of a website or ware that was exactly like this.
I never finished it...

Cary and Michael Huang
are twins who have realized this dream
in an amazing and beautiful way
14 years after they were born.

That's right.
They are 14 years old and already capable of this.

More from these brilliant guys

What does the future hold for the digital generation?

What's the next step?
Will school outings be with Google glasses where the answers and the real thing are right in front of you.
All kinds of educational and training programs could be developed.
Could people then self-educate and self-inform so smoothly and effortlessly, all the time?

I can see a future where this is in 3-D and then eventually in a holo-virtual reality platform.
This kind of informational interface with "Wikipedias", libraries, museums and conservatories...
with every subject imaginable, can become available. Today's Internet may pale in comparison.

© 2012 MU-Peter Shimon

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