"Zen teaches nothing; it merely enables us to wake up and become aware. It does not teach, it points." ~D.T. Suzuki

Tuesday, July 26, 2016



And what is good, Phaedrus 
And what is not good -

Need we ask anyone
to tell us these things?

from ZAMM 
Robert Pirsig
The Metaphysics of Quality
Adapted from the Tao Te Ching
Quality and it's manifestations are in their nature the same.
It is given different names when it becomes classically manifest.
Romantic quality and classic quality together 
may be called the "mystic".

Simple Definition of quality

-how good or bad something is 

-a characteristic or feature that someone or something has

-something that can be noticed
as a part of a person or thing 

-a high level of value
or excellence
Reaching from mystery
into deeper mystery,
it is the gate to the secret of all life.
Quality is all-pervading,
And its use is inexhaustible!
Like the fountainhead of all things...
Yet crystal clear
like water it seems to remain.
I do not know whose Son it is.
An image of what existed before God.
...Continuously, continuously,
it seems to remain.
Draw upon it
and it serves you with ease...
Looked at but cannot be seen...
listened to but cannot be heard...
grasped at but cannot be touched...
these three elude all our inquiries
and hence blend and become one.
Not by its rising is there light,
Not by its setting is there darkness
Unceasing, continuous
It cannot be defined
And reverts again into the realm of nothingness
That is why it is called the form of the formless
The image of nothingness
That is why is called elusive
Meet it and you do not see its face
Follow it and you do not see its back
He who holds fast to the quality of old
Is able to know the primeval beginnings
Which are the continuity of quality.
"And what is well and what is badly—need we ask Lysias, 
or any other poet or orator, who ever wrote or will write either a political or any other work, 
in metre or out of metre, poet or prose writer, to teach us this?"
From Plato's dialogue The Phaedrus

© 2016 MU-Peter Shimon

Friday, July 1, 2016

Canada Day 2016

is HOT!
Celebrating that at 149 years old
we're sexy and we know it!
Happy Canada Day!

It's easy to compare yourself with others. You look around and wonder why it's so much better elsewhere. Then again, there are other times when you wonder what the hell is wrong with those people.

Canada is not perfect. But lately, as I look around especially to our British and American cousins, I feel a deeper appreciation for living in Canada.

Sometimes the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. Sometimes home is where the heart is.
Oh Canada

Our Home And Native Land
Canada is a multicultural country

The diversity of our geography and peoples is our great strength and advantage
Canada Welcomes Syrian Refugees

  Full Frontal With Samantha Bee
PM Justin Trudeau greeting Syrian refugees
 as they arrive at the airport
We're bringing sexy back!
The Prime Minister of Canada
responded to a reporter's sarcastic comment
about his knowledge of quantum computing
by giving the reporter a quick lesson on it.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
We're the True North 
Strong and Free
We're sexy and we know it!

Known for our strong arms and beers
beautiful beavers and beaches
and our fine dining
What Japanese think of Canada

Just a little help on Canadian words.
Stephen Colbert & Michael Buble
sing O Canada Lyrics to the tune of Star Spangled Banner
© 2016 MU-Peter Shimon